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Teletherapy Services

We provide online speech language telepractice services from the convenience of your home, school, or office. Services are available for clients residing in MD, CN, and CA.

Getting Started:

* free 30-minute meet and-greet

*brief, trial speech language therapy session to determine if you are a candidate for ongoing speech language therapy.

*If you are eligible following the free trial session, an appointment will be scheduled. *If you haven’t been recently evaluated, we may need to assess/evaluate your speech after the trial session to develop the treatment plan.

Scheduling telepractice services:

* call to schedule an "in-person" session to ensure that the child is a candidate for telepractice services.

*once the child qualifies for telepractice services, we will provide information on how to log onto our telepractice platform


* Computer processor of 1GHZ(2GHZ preferred)

* Broadband Internet with a minimum of 256kbps upload speed

* Webcam

*Good quality speakers

* Good quality microphone

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